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Is Your Lack of Bathroom Space Restricting Your Decorative Imagination?

Let's face it, not every household enjoys the luxury of a large and spacious bathroom. In the past, homes were constructed with bathrooms that took up as little space as possible. Nowadays, more thought is given to room size, but you needn't worry if you are one of those still stuck with a small bathroom because you have plenty of bathroom furniture options that will help you make the most of the limited space that you have. A good starting point would be to put in a corner bathroom vanity which, in addition to maximizing your available space, will help you to turn your bathroom into a stylish and comfortable retreat!

Choices Galore

Choices are plentiful when it comes to bathroom corner vanities. The problem of small bathrooms isn't going to go away any time soon, so manufacturers, mindful that a large sector of consumers will opt for a sink vanity that fits neatly into a corner without eating up too much valuable floor space, now produce a huge range of style options from which to choose. 

From traditional, ornately carved, wooden bathroom vanities, including those with black granite or white marble tops, to contemporary models manufactured from the latest easy-to-clean materials that come in just about any color shade you could want. The choice is enormous and will allow you to create an overall bathroom style that you can call all your very own.

With such a wide and stunning selection of choices, it will be no surprise if you find that your humble corner vanity sink becomes the stunning centerpiece of your bathroom!  

Discover your options now! Below are a few of the stunning corner vanities available to you. They just happen to be among our favorites too!

  An ornately carved cherry finish corner vanity with black granite top and ivory porcelain sink.

Winslow Corner Bathroom Vanity

  Asian style handcrafted double drawer corner vanity with black granite top and clear glass basin.

Kyoto Corner Sink Cabinet

  Antique cherry with superbly detailed handcrafted cabinet topped with a high luster black granite slab.

Chelsea Corner Bathroom Sink Cabinet

  Asian minimalist style corner sink vanity with honey marble top & a wood grain pattern glass basin. 

Kyoto Honey Marble Corner Vanity

  Contemporary styled wooden corner vanity with black granite top and a raised glass basin.

Moderna Corner Sink Cabinet

  White granite topped corner vanity with floral hand painted detailing. 

Amalia Rose Ivory Corner Vanity

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