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Accent Tables

An accent table imparts that finishing touch to a room, giving it the complete look of a well decorated home. Accent tables include a wide variety of table types, such as coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables, nesting tables, and more!

Constructed of wood, glass, metal, and other materials, these tables are guaranteed to show your good taste. With such an array of designs and so many styles to choose from, every room in your home will benefit from an accent table. 

These tables can enhance the look of your living room by bringing a special touch to that corner, or perhaps make your bedroom a little cozier. An accent table can support decorations or collectibles of any kind, from books to fresh flowers, to bring life and individuality to your home.

Decorating Ideas

On your accent table, be creative with your decorations. For added color, set the stage by placing a vibrant cloth napkin or placemat underneath the decorations you choose to place on the table. You could add a stack of two to three thick leather-bound books, or perhaps a potted plant. Display your family photos in a decorative frame on an accent table. If you have a lamp with a flawed surface, an accent table against the wall in a hallway or a corner is a perfect place to conceal that flaw and still showcase your lamp. Just place the lamp so the flawed surface is against the wall, and the lamp can still shine!

Change the decorations on your accent table with the changing seasons. For Christmas, fill a hurricane lamp with old Christmas decorations. At Halloween, put candy corn in a vase to support a candle or silk flower. In the summertime, fill a glass bowl with synthetic citrus fruits. Above all, have fun with your accent table, and let it represent you.

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