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Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

No living room could be considered complete without a coffee table. It could even be argued that such a table is the real heart of the living room. This low table, usually placed in front of the couch, offers a convenient place to put drinks or appetizers as friends visit with each other or watch television in their living room. Not only well-situated for the placement of foods and beverages, the table may be used to display a variety of decorations, such as framed photographs, books, fresh flowers, candles, seasonal objects, or countless other items that liven up a living room.

Traditionally, the coffee table consists of a rectangular or oval tabletop, usually constructed of wood or glass. The base may also be made of wood, or perhaps a bronze or brass frame. Today, the traditional coffee table continues to thrive, and has been joined by more contemporary counterparts, such as leather ottomans that double as tables and additional seating. Regardless of the style, the coffee table proudly serves as the centerpiece of any living room.


So, how should you go about choosing a coffee table? There is an optimum sized coffee table for every living room. Too large and you'll always be nursing bruised knees or ankles from constantly bumping into it. Too small and you'll be straining to reach it from your seated position. To get the right sized table, you'll need to measure the intended area and then choose a table that will fit within it with an equal amount of space on all sides, that is, between the coffee table and the sofa and chairs that surround it. This will ensure that everyone that uses the table is within comfortable reach of it. No bruises, no strains!


The actual style of coffee table you choose will ultimately come down to how the rest of your living room is furnished. The solution is to simply choose a table that will complement your existing décor, not clash with it. The key is to keep it themed!

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