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End Tables

End Tables

End tables usually rest at either end of a sofa or couch. Anyone sitting on the couch will find the end table a convenient place to rest a beverage or a small plate of appetizers. These tables are great places on which to put reading or ornamental lamps, in order to illuminate activity in the room, or other decorative items, such as framed pictures, candles, or other ornaments.

Regularly, end tables come as a matching pair, or set, with a similar coffee table, so the three tables around the couch or sofa all complement one another and transform a sitting place to a true living room. The tables sometimes have a drawer to facilitate storage of small items, such as a TV remote or book. Other tables may just feature a beautiful tabletop, while still others have a shelf or two for storage underneath the table.

Choosing a Table

When shopping for end tables, be sure to keep a few things in mind. While many coffee tables are sold together with matching end tables, you may choose to select different end tables. When doing so, be sure the tables are compatible. For example, if you have a oak coffee table and are shopping for wooden end tables, strive to find an oak table with the same wood stain. You also want to stay consistent with the styles of the tables, be it sleek and contemporary or ornate and antique.

Also, be aware of the size of the table. Before shopping you might measure the space you have available beside your couch. Be sure you leave approximately two and a half feet for walkways in order not to crowd your room. Additionally, the size of your table should harmonize with the rest of the furniture in the room. For instance, if you have a small or low sofa, be sure your end table won't tower over the side of the couch.

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