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Nesting Tables

Nesting tables typically consist of two or three tables that look very similar, if not identical with the exception of size. The smaller tables fit perfectly under the largest, so you have the benefits of two or three tables while only having to find space for one! 

These ingenious and handy nested tables expand in an instant whenever you need extra table space, like family movie night or game night with the guys. They provide ample space while still maintaining the classy look of your living space. A nesting table set can fit anywhere in your home, or you can leave the set separated for a vibrant, tiered look for your houseplants, books, or other collectibles. 

Built for versatility and durability, nesting tables come in an array of styles, shapes, and sizes to match your style and suit your needs.


When shopping for nesting tables, look for a set that not only looks great together, resting one on top of another, but also looks good when pulled apart. Your tables may be used in a variety of ways over the years, so be sure you have the ability to use the tables to their full potential. 

If you prefer wood tables, make sure you match the type of wood and the stain color to any existing wood furniture in your home, or at least in the room the tables will occupy. If you can't find that particular shade, why not try a trio of glass-topped tables on metal frames? These tables complement many styles, and are very easy to clean. Glass tops have the added benefit of eliminating the threat of drink rings from glasses without coasters. Whatever style you select, you will surely enjoy the flexibility that comes vested in nesting tables.

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