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Vanity Tables

Vanity Tables

Complete your bedroom or bathroom furniture collection with a vanity table! A vanity table provides a functional space for one to sit and take care of daily beauty routines in comfort. This personal retreat offers peace and tranquility in the hustle and bustle of morning routines. Standard features include a stool or chair of some kind, a tabletop on which to place cosmetics, toiletries, or decorations, and a well-lit mirror. 

This functional and classy table ranges from traditional to art deco to contemporary in style. With this wide variety of styles and components, you can certainly find the perfect piece to accent your personal space and add to its charm. 

Some vanities feature a tri-fold mirror, others have drawers with ample space for jewelry, but they all have an air of elegance and style.

Finding Your Features

As you shop for a vanity table, be equipped with an idea of what features are important to you. Do you prefer a single or a tri-fold mirror? Would you utilize a built-in jewelry box, or do you prefer more large drawers for make up and cosmetics? If you are looking at buying a vanity set with a seat, is a chair or a vanity stool more comfortable for you to use on a daily basis? With all these things in mind, you should be able to find a vanity that will suitably meet your needs.

Sizing Up The Selection

While vanities will assist you in looking your finest every day, you also should choose a vanity that will look its finest in your bathroom or bedroom. For this reason, be sure you find a vanity that fits your space without becoming burdensome. Your vanity should enhance the convenience of your space, not cramp your style and get in the way.

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